Forever Independent offers a range of flexible person-centred domiciliary care services to keep you safe and comfortable in your own home.

Our services are completely flexible - we can cater for everything from a 15 minute check-in to a full day's care, depending on what you need. We are able to assist short term where your regular carer is ill or needs to take a break, or we can create a programme of long term care and support to suit you.

Our care team can help all aspects of day-to-day life including:

  • Helping you to get out of bed, wash, shower or bathe, get dressed and prepare breakfast.
  • Assisting you with collecting your medicines from your pharmacy or GP surgery and reminding you or assisting you with taking them.
  • Shopping for you or with you if you prefer, and helping you put groceries away.
  • Preparing meals for you at mealtime or helping you to cook for yourself.
  • Collecting your pension for you or with you.
  • Cleaning and tidying your house, changing your bedding and take out the garbage.
  • Doing your laundry, ironing and putting things away - or assisting you with these tasks.
  • Going for a walk with you, helping you attend a local group or daycare centre, assisting you in visiting friends or family, or helping you to attend church.

The above list provides just some examples of tasks we typically assist with - but how we help you is entirely your decision! We are here to enable you, and we are happy to do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. We also understand that most people like things done 'their way' - and we are happy to oblige!

Our Accreditation
Registered with the Care Quality Commission